How To Treat Bowed Tendons

Bowed Tendons are just one of the most common accidents in equines. They develop when the tendon, which connects the muscular tissue to the bone, is overstretched as well as tears. This can easily occur during the course of workout, when the horse is actually all of a sudden scared, or if the horse excursions as well as becomes.


The signs of inclined ligaments (Bowed Tendons) in equines include:

* Swelling in the afflicted region

* Warm in the damaged area

* Lameness

* Ache when the equine is moved or even moved

If you suspect any one of the above signs and symptoms report to your vet immediately. They will likely take x-rays to affirm the prognosis and then begin therapy.


The most common reason for inclined ligaments in steeds is over-exertion. This can easily take place if the horse is actually operated also hard, too soon, or even if they are not heated up properly just before exercise. Various other triggers feature:

* Poor nutrition

* Absence of minerals as well as vitamins

* Inadequate muscle mass

* Junction problems



It is actually significant to look for veterinary interest promptly if you feel your equine has a stooped tendon. Therapy will normally include squeezing, remainder, and also ice. In many cases, surgical procedure may be needed.

* Relax– this is completely vital for recovery. The horse ought to be actually limited to a tiny pen or stall as well as provided just light exercise, including palm walking until the accident has healed.

* Ice– this may be administered many times a time to help in reducing swelling.

* Compression gauzes– these can easily also help reduce swelling.

* Pain alleviation medicine– this may be important to maintain your horse comfy while they bounce back.


After the initial accident has actually cured, your veterinarian might encourage a program of physical rehabilitation to aid boost the ligament and prevent additional accident. This might include massage, ultrasound examination, and hydrotherapy therapy.

Prevention and Precautions

Prevention of bowed tendons is actually constantly far better than remedy. Some factors you can do to help avoid this personal injury include:

* Make sure your horse is actually effectively heated up just before physical exercise. A good warm-up will enhance blood stream flow to the muscular tissues and tendons, creating them much less very likely to be injured.

* Be sure your equine is effectively supplied and also given with all the needed vitamins and minerals. A healthy and balanced diet will definitely aid always keep muscle mass as well as ligaments solid.

* Stay clear of over-exerting your horse. If they are actually working hard, make certain to provide lots of breaks.

* If your steed leans to joint troubles, speak to your veterinarian concerning supplements or medications that can help.


Avoiding stooped tendons is actually key to keeping your equine well-balanced as well as noise. Some pointers to prevent this personal injury consist of:

* Extending the steed’s muscle mass before physical exercise

* Staying away from sudden changes in path while working out

* Slowly enhancing the intensity of workout

* Heating up as well as cooling down appropriately

* Keeping the steed’s lower legs totally free and also clean of particles

* Inspecting the equine’s legs on a regular basis for any type of indications of swelling or warmth

Seek veterinarian focus promptly if you believe your equine has actually a stooped ligament. Along with correct procedure and protection, most horses can easily make a full healing and also come back to ordinary task levels.


Bowed Tendons are actually an usual injury in equines, yet along with proper treatment and prevention, they may be stayed clear of. Find vet attention right away and follow their recommended course of procedure if you suspect your equine has actually an inclined tendon. With suitable treatment, your horse will definitely create a full healing as well as be actually back to its own common personal instantly.

Inclined tendons are actually one of the very most usual personal injuries in equines. The very most popular source of stooped ligaments in horses is actually over-exertion. If you believe your steed has an inclined ligament, it is significant to seek veterinary focus instantly. Bowed tendons are an usual injury in equines, however with appropriate treatment and protection, they can be actually prevented. If you believe your equine has an inclined tendon, find veterinary attention instantly as well as observe their advised program of treatment.